It looks like it was in the past when we could use jailbreaks in our iOS devices. Nowadays, no new jailbreaks are getting released which has left the users who loved to add an extra dimension to their devices unsatisfied. With no jailbreaks, the option to use Cydia to access to these features is not available to users now. Moreover, users who love to play retro and classic games in their devices using Cydia are also disappointed. In the light of such a situation, an amazing alternative has come to the picture and that is GBA4iOS.

GBA4iOS download


GBA4iOS is a game emulator which allows the users to play all the retro and classic games on their iOS devices. And the best part is, to access GBA4iOS there is no requirement to jailbreak or to use Cydia on our devices. It has turned out to be an outstanding platform for Retro games lovers as now they can easily install this emulator on their devices and start using it.

To give a little background, this app was introduced by Riley Testut in the year of 2013 along with iOS 7. But in the year 2015, it was dropped from the App Store. So now, it is not available on the App Store, but it can easily be downloaded from a number of options available.

In case you are wondering, what all GBA4iOS has to offer you, let’s have a look at so many features it comes with.


  1. The interface of gba4ios is extremely user-friendly which makes it very easy to use and navigate through options.
  2. It allows users to do the screen recording of their gameplay.
  3. Has a Controller vibration.
  4. Fixes so many bugs too.
  5. Your favorite music can be played in the background while playing.
  6. Users can save and use their cheat codes to enhance their gaming experience.
  7. Users enjoy the power of Super Nintendo in their pockets.
  8. Most of the GBC and GBA controller skins are included perfectly for the seamless gaming experience. It provides unlimited access to third-party controller skins.
  9. Gba4ios also provides a superior facility to users to synchronize their account with bigger cloud storage.
  10. Supports Dropbox sync as well.
  11. Allows for Event distribution.
  12. Comes with a sustain Button.
  13. Supports iPad too.
  14. It provides users access to multiplayer support and allows them to engage in big battles at a time.
  15. It has a URL scheme support.

GBA4iOS Download from Emus4u:

Since gba4iOS is not available on Appstore, users might get a little skeptical about any harm it might cause to their device. But it will not cause any problems in your device as the developers keep on fixing bugs with every update. Also, the usage of GBA4iOS by so many retro gaming enthusiasts have not reported any issues that they might have faced. To download GBA4iOS on your device you need to download Emus4u and install on it following the given link.

In all, GBA4iOS has turned out to be an excellent emulator and an extremely safe option available using which we can have the fun of playing all the classic games. It is definitely worth to try this app and stay up to date with us on Facebook.

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