Emus4u iOS 11

emus4u for ios 11

The concept of Emulation has made lives of people pretty interesting by allowing them to play the games that they couldn’t on their old consoles. Recently, there is a surge in demand for emulators not just on the PCs but on the smartphones as well. For the Apple users, after the updated version of iOS … Read more


Happy Chick is the best emulator available for iOS, to play your favorite old and retro games there is no other best emulator comparing to HappyChick. You all know that HappyChick is used to be available on Cydia but due to lack of available jailbreak tools we are not able to get our favorite emulators … Read more

Emus4u iPad

iPad is most selling iOS device after iPhone we can say, the bigger user interface and superior resolution make it most preferred iOS device to play games and to access any other apps on it. Due to lack of jailbreak many iOS users are unable to access Cydia, that means the users are not allowed … Read more