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An Android user’s life has always been much easier and flexible in terms of apps download and storage. But still, they never had the luxury of jailbreaking their devices like iOS users and use platforms like Cydia. On the other hand, iPhone users have always lived a luxurious life in terms of features and apps … Read more

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emus4u android

Android users have always been less privileged as compared to iOS users since they never had the option to jailbreak their devices and install modified tweaks, apps, and emulators from sources like Cydia. Though Android devices are always more flexible in terms of data transfer and storage capacity, this was one huge drawback for them. … Read more

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The developers are working hard to get the alternative to install users favorite apps and games on their device without jailbreaking first. As we have seen there is no working jailbreak tools are available in recent times, that means there is no access to Cydia. Recently many app installers have launched Emus4u is one among … Read more


AirShou Download from Emus4u  Emus4u offers numerous applications to its users and AirShou is one of them. With the help of Emus4u, you do not have to put much effort into the download process as well. AirShou is screen recording app available for iOS, which earlier was available on App Store, due to security reason … Read more